2023 Honey Industry Summit

Honey Industry Summit 

October 25, 2023 | Boulder, Colorado

After three years of virtual events, we’re thrilled to announce the Honey Industry Summit will return to an in-person event in 2023. The one-day Summit will give members of the honey industry the opportunity to network while learning about market trends and factors impacting honey’s use in retail, foodservice, and food and beverage manufacturing.

This year’s Summit will feature educational sessions and unique food experiences around Boulder. The Summit also is the day before the National Honey Board’s Fall Board Meeting, and all Summit attendees are invited to attend the Board Meeting in Boulder from October 26-27.

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    About the Honey Industry Summit

    The Honey Industry Summit is an educational seminar designed to increase the demand for honey by educating the honey industry about trends in the retail, foodservice and the consumer packaged goods markets. By attending the National Honey Board’s Honey Industry Summit, you will gain insight into how to better position honey as an all-natural sweetener, flavor and functional ingredient, as well as acquire marketing tools to help you influence existing clients and potential new customers.

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