2020 Honey Industry Summit

Honey Industry Summit

VIRTUAL EVENT • November 10th & 12th, 2020

Similar to other trade shows and conferences, we’re going virtual with this year’s Honey Industry Summit.

This year’s event will take place on November 10th and 12th, with 2-3 hours of sessions per day.

The educational content will be data driven this year as we have recently conducted research into consumer attitudes and usage, as well as volumetric survey data on the foodservice and consumer packaged foods industry. We also will talk about the continued and future impact COVID-19 is expected to have on the honey industry as well as consumer purchasing habits.

It’s going to be a great meeting full of data, information and actionable ideas to increase honey’s sales. Register today and let your colleagues know about the Honey Industry Summit.


November 10

State of the Honey Industry: COVID’s impact to date and into the future

A brief overview of COVID’s impact on honey sales in the retail, foodservice and consumer packaged foods categories.

What Consumers Think About Honey and Why They Buy It

A detailed look at the most recent Consumer Attitude and Usage Survey about honey.

Honey Testing Methods

An overview from the USDA on honey testing methods for detecting adulteration with sugar syrup.

National Honey Board Update and Q&A Discussion

November 12

State of the Food Industry: What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond

What does a post-COVID world look like, and how can the honey industry capitalize on changes in purchasing behaviors.

The Food and Beverage Manufacturing Landscape for Honey

An in-depth analysis of a recently published volumetric study that details what categories in the food and beverage industry are driving honey sales.

Bee Health and Research Update

An overview of the results of some of the latest honey bee research.

Honey’s Messaging Strategy Amid a Global Pandemic

This session will detail a new messaging platform and how the honey industry can use it to increase honey sales.


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About the Honey Industry Summit

The Honey Industry Summit is an educational seminar designed to increase the demand for honey by educating the honey industry about trends in the retail, foodservice and the consumer packaged goods markets. By attending the National Honey Board’s Honey Industry Summit, you will gain insight into how to better position honey as an all-natural sweetener, flavor and functional ingredient, as well as acquire marketing tools to help you influence existing clients and potential new customers.

© 2020 National Honey Board. All rights reserved.

© 2020 National Honey Board. All rights reserved.