Hive Sessions: Volume 1

Hive Sessions

Welcome to the Hive Sessions, an online educational resource for the honey industry.

Every quarter, the National Honey Board will release a new series of videos designed to educate, inform and help the honey industry sell more honey. If you have an idea for a future Hive Session topic, email us.

Hive Sessions: Volume I

What Food Manufacturers Think About Honey

Spoiler alert: They love it. However, there are barriers to use that the honey industry should be prepared to talk about. In this Hive Session, we review a survey of food manufacturers about why they choose the sweeteners they use in foods and beverages.


3 Big Questions

If you tell someone you work in the honey industry, most likely you’ve been asked at least one of these questions. Answering them is even more important today as synthetic honey producers seek to gain a competitive advantage by casting aspersions on honey, honey bees and beekeepers.  


The Competitive Landscape for Honey

Agave, monk fruit, stevia, erythritol, coconut sugar, allulose, date sugar, brown rice syrup, can sugar…and the list goes on. Consumers, chefs and food manufacturers have countless options when it comes to sweeteners. This Hive Session looks at the competitive landscape for natural sweeteners and details honey’s advantages. 


What’s Trending at Trade Shows

We recently walked the seemingly endless aisles of the Winter Fancy Food Show and Natural Products Expo West. This Hive Session details the top trends the honey industry can capitalize on. We also spotlight some of our favorite products. 


New Product Review

We scoured restaurant menus and supermarket shelves for the most innovative made-with-honey products. In this Hive Session, you’ll see our top 10 favorite new honey products and learn how you can use these products to inspire other foodservice operations and food manufacturers to use honey.


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