2020 Honey Beer and Spirits Editors Summit


November 17, 2020
12pm to 3pm
(central time)

The beer industry buys more than 25 million pounds of honey a year. The spirits industry 10 million pounds. Why is the alcohol industry buying so much honey?

The National Honey Board will answer this question and more during a Honey Summit designed specifically to give those that write about the beer and spirits industry insight into honey’s use as a flavor, fermentable sugar and functional ingredient in beer, spirits and mead.

This will be an interactive virtual event, and every attendee will receive a Honey Box in the mail containing samples of honey and some of our favorite made with honey beers, meads and spirits, which will be tasted during the virtual event.

The virtual summit will cover:

The story of honey, from the flower to a beehive to a bottle of booze

Brewing with honey on the hot and cold side

Distilling mead to create a completely unique distilled spirit

Using honey to back-sweeten or flavor whiskey, gin, liqueurs and more

Why mead may actually be the “next big thing”

Intensive honey varietal tastings

Sampling of our favorite made with honey beers, spirits and meads


We are limiting attendees to 20 writers to ensure we have plenty of time to conduct tastings and answer questions.

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