2021 Honey Industry Summit Recap


Thank you for attending this year’s summit. Below are links to watch video segments, download presentation materials and contact presenters.



COVID’s Continued Impact on Honey Usage in Retail, Foodservice and CPG

An overview of COVID-19’s impact on honey’s usage in the various segments of the food industry.

What Consumers Think About Honey and Why They Buy It

A detailed look at the most recent Consumer Attitude and Usage Survey about honey and other natural sweeteners.

What Sustainability Means in the Food Industry

This session uses the latest research to define sustainability in the retail, foodservice and CPG segments, then details honey’s opportunity to capitalize on consumer interest in sustainability.


State of the Food Industry: What to Expect in 2022 and Beyond

Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru®, takes a look at what a post-COVID food industry looks like and how the honey industry can capitalize on changes in purchasing behaviors.

How to Position Honey for Success

An overview of how to position honey amid a sweetener market that is expanding with “all-natural” alternatives.

Bee Health and Research Update

Danielle Downey of Project Apis m. details the latest honey bee research and provides a general overview on the health of honey bee colonies around the world.

National Honey Board Update and Q&A Discussion

A brief update on various issues the National Honey Board is working on, including a new portal to apply for board membership.


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