2020 Honey Industry Summit Recap


Thank you for attending this year’s summit. Below are links to watch video segments, download presentation materials and contact presenters.



COVID’s Impact on Honey Usage in Retail, Foodservice and CPG

An overview of COVID-19’s impact on honey’s usage in the various segments of the food industry.

What Consumers Think About Honey and Why They Buy It

A detailed look at the most recent Consumer Attitude and Usage Survey, as well as an analysis of the Goodness Seeker, the new target demo for honey sales.

Honey Purchasing Decision Tree

Gain insight into the decision-making process that occurs when consumers purchase honey in a retail environment.

Honey Testing Methods

Margaret Lombard of the National Honey Board and Roger Simonds of the USDA answer questions about honey testing methods for detecting adulteration.

National Honey Board Update and Q&A Discussion

A brief update on various issues the National Honey Board is working on, including a new portal to apply for board membership.


State of the Food Industry: What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond

Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru®, takes a look at what a post-COVID food industry looks like and how the honey industry can capitalize on changes in purchasing behaviors.

The Food and Beverage Manufacturing Landscape for Honey

An in-depth analysis of a recent volumetric study that details what categories in the food and beverage industry are driving honey sales, and how the honey industry can capitalize on traditional and emerging markets.

Bee Health and Research Update

Danielle Downey of Project Apis m. details the latest honey bee research and provides a general overview on the health of honey bee colonies around the world.

Honey’s Messaging Strategy Amid a Global Pandemic

In 2020, the National Honey Board launched a new strategy focused on a “Good for Me, Good for the Planet” messaging platform. Designed to talk about honey in a new and exciting manner, the new messaging resonates even more amid a global pandemic. This session will detail the platform and how the honey industry can use it to increase honey sales.


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