2020 Honey Baking Summit Recap


Thank you for attending last year’s summit. Below are links to watch video segments from our presenters, Keith Seiz and Alison Conklin, of the National Honey Board.


From Bee to Bottle

The journey of honey from the bee to your bakery is complicated, simple and inspirational all at once. It’s a natural journey and one positioned to deliver bakeries an unprocessed sweetener that delivers both flavor and functionality to baked goods.

Formulating with Honey

Everyone knows honey for its sweetness, but did you countless minerals, microbes, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics in honey make up less than 1% of the ingredient? Learn about honey’s composition and more in this video!

Honey Tasting Experience

There are more than 300 different honey varietals in the United States and more than 3,000 honey varietals across the world. We dive into different honey varietals in this section and the vast contrast in taste and color based on where bees are foraging for nectar.

A Baker’s Dozen

Need pure inspiration for your next made with honey formulas? We leave you with 13 ideas and best practices on how you can take this unprocessed, all-natural sweetener and use it in your bakery.

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