OLD >>> 2018 Honey Industry Summit Denver

Honey INDUSTRY Summit


Honey Industry Summit is an educational seminar designed to increase the demand for honey by educating assessment payers about trends in the retail, foodservice and the consumer packaged goods markets. This year’s Summit also will address consumer research, issues management and key honey messaging points and sales strategies.

The daylong event will feature:
  • The latest consumer research about honey and purchasing behaviors
  • An examination of honey’s shelf space in the retail industry
  • How to use key honey messaging points to talk to food and beverage manufacturers
  • The latest menu trends and how honey meets consumer demands
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, networking and a Happy Hour

By attending the National Honey Board’s Honey Industry Summit, you will gain insight into how to better position honey as an all-natural sweetener, flavor and functional ingredient, as well as acquire marketing tools to help you influence existing clients and potential new customers.

Honey Industry Summit is exclusive to National Honey Board assessment payers. Admission is free, however, attendees are responsible for travel and accommodations. Space is limited to 50 attendees.


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