2018 Honey Beer Session Portland Recap

 Honey Beer Session Brings Buzz to Portland

More than 35 Portland brewers took an intensive, one-day class on how to brew better beer with honey as part of the National Honey Board’s traveling roadshow, the Honey Beer Session.

Starting at Breakside Brewery and ending at Cascade Barrel House, attendees experienced technical sessions, brewery case studies on honey usages, honey varietal tastings, honey beer tastings and even had the opportunity to visit an apiary and get up close and personal with hundreds of thousands of bees. 

It was a busy day for our brewer attendees, but one that clearly made an impact on them. We educated them on how honey gets from the bee to their brewery, informed them on best practices for using honey in brewing and entertained them by exposing them to the innerworkings of a honey bee colony. Here are some of the stand-out moments from the Portland Honey Beer Session.

Tap Takeover at Cascade Barrel House

What better way to kick off an event than a tap takeover! Cascade Barrel House hosted a Beer Fest the night before the session and served eight honey sours. We even had the opportunity to tap a special sour using buckwheat honey. Since attending a Honey Beer Summit in Austin, the brewers at Cascade have used honey countless times to provide depth and complexity to their sours.

Hot Side vs. Cold Side Usage of Honey

When using honey in brewing, the big question is always about location. Where should you add honey and what impact will it make? At the Honey Beer Session Portland, our attendees engaged in a lively discussion of using honey on the hot side versus cold side. Flavor, functionality and fermentation impacts were outlined and many attendees talked about their own experiences of brewing with honey.

A Serene Apiary Tour Amid Hundreds of Thousands of Bees 

Taking apart beehives on an island outside of Portland? Sign us up! This apiary visit truly was amazing as attendees visited multiple beehives on Sauvie Island. Our beekeeper showed attendees the ins and outs of a beehive and each brewer was able to taste honey straight from the hive. 

Are you interested in bringing a Honey Beer Session to your city?

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