2018 Honey Beer Session Denver Recap

 Denver Brewers Take Class on Brewing with Honey

The Mile High City welcomed the Honey Beer Session with open arms, attracting some of the city’s best brewers for a day of learning about bees, honey and how to use this all-natural ingredient to add flavor and complexity to beers.

The day started with technical sessions and lunch at Ratio Beerworks before moving to an urban apiary and onto Cerebral Brewing for happy hour. Throughout the course of the day, the National Honey Board educated brewers on how honey makes it from the bee to their brewery, and then how to use the all-natural ingredient to brew more complex beers. Here are three things that stood out about the Denver Honey Beer Session.

Honey Tasting Experience

There are more than 300 varietals of honey in the United States, each with its own color, aroma and flavor. During the educational sessions, we tasted 13 of these varietals, wowing brewers with flavor profiles that spanned from confectionery to barnyard funk.

Brewer Case Studies

Local brewers Cody Reif of New Belgium and Zachary Coleman of TRVE Brewing Co. each presented at the event, detailing their use of honey in Belgian tripels and wild ales. Each brought unique insight and great honey beers to taste!

Urban Apiary

Did you know there are bee hives on the grounds of the Convention Center in downtown Denver? Neither did our attendees! Visiting this urban apiary gave brewers the opportunity to get up close and personal with bees as well as gain a greater understanding of how planting their own small gardens or flower boxes can help bees in urban environments flourish.

Are you interested in bringing a Honey Beer Session to your city?

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