2016 Honey Baking Summit Providence

The Honey Baking Summit

Stay tuned for the 2017 Honey Baking Summit
Johnson & Wales University
Providence, Rhode Island

The National Honey Board is searching for bakers for its next Honey Baking Summit in 2017 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Interested in attending? Contact: 

What people are saying!

“The Honey Baking Summit was a great day spent learning about the amazing qualities of honey, from tasting to watching demos to hands on baking. The exchange of ideas and recipes was an inspiration and the “day off work” freed up one’s mind to dream up fun ways to incorporate this delicious ingredient.”


Sweet Life Patisserie Owner and Baker

“I go to a dozen conferences each year.
In my opinion, the Honey Baking Summit conference is not only the best organized, but without a doubt… the most enjoyable.”


Saint Agnes Baking Company CEO
Are you interested in attending this exclusive National Honey Board event? The Honey Baking Summit gathers a small group of the most innovative bakers in the industry for an intensive session on honey, one of the most popular and important sweeteners in the baking industry.

We will show you how to bake better with honey, replace your existing sweeteners with honey, and market your products to a growing consumer segment that craves natural, clean label foods. We’ll even get your hands dirty, working with other bakers to formulate new products with honey. You’ll meet other top bakers in the country and have the opportunity to network and share ideas. This is an invite-only event. All airfare and lodging expenses will be paid for by the National Honey Board.

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